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Growing Economy

Don’t miss your opportunity to empower your passion and expand your reach on this big potential MINDBODY & SALAH Platform in the Growing Muslim Lifestyle Market.


The global wellness economy is worth $4.5 trillion and growing (Global Wellness Institute).


The Muslim lifestyle market is worth $2.1 trillion and has significant growth potential (DinarStandard).


The global Islamic economy is worth $3 trillion (Thomson Reuters).

Connect. Grow. Succeed.

Join MINDBODY & SALAH.COM as a health and wellness professional and experience the power of a comprehensive platform designed to elevate your business in the Muslim lifestyle market. By becoming a seller, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits that will help you thrive and succeed:

  1. Connect with a Global Audience: Reach health-conscious Muslim women around the world who actively seek services aligned with their values and cultural backgrounds.
  2. Streamlined Client Experience: Simplify your client management process with our ready-to-use consent form and bid farewell to no-shows with our free booking system.
  3. Tap into a Growing Market: Benefit from the rapid growth of the Muslim lifestyle market and attract new clients interested in your services, whether online or in person.
  4. Showcase Your Expertise: Build a strong online presence and reputation by showcasing your skills, experience, and services to a wider audience.
  5. Expand Your Reach: Explore opportunities to offer a variety of services such as online consultations, webinars, and workshops, to maximize your revenue and impact.
  6. Work Remotely: Enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere, leveraging the flexibility of remote work with our platform.
  7. Access Resources and Support: Gain access to informational resources that cater to the unique needs of Muslim women, enhancing your ability to provide quality services.
  8. Thriving Community: Join a thriving community of health and wellness professionals on MINDBODY & SALAH.COM, fostering collaboration, growth, and success.

Unlock your potential for success in the Muslim lifestyle market. Connect, grow, and succeed with us at MINDBODY & SALAH, Elevate your business and make a meaningful impact on the well-being of Muslim women worldwide.

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Create your account by providing basic information about yourself and your business. It only takes a few minutes to get started.

Create a professional listing

Fill out our easy-to-use form to create a professional listing, where you can showcase your business, languages you can communicate with and pricing. We want to ensure that your offerings align with the needs of our community, so provide accurate and detailed information to attract potential customers.

Wait for approval

Our team will review your listing and notify you of the approval status. We strive to process listings promptly, and once approved, you can proceed to the next step.

Start selling

Once approved, you can begin listing your services on our platform. Utilize our robust features to manage your sales, communicate with clients, and grow your business.

Watch a 3-minute YouTube explainer about what business owners need to know about meeting the health and wellness needs of Muslim women.

Seller F&Q

How do I become a seller on MINDBODY & SALAH?

To become a seller, you will need to submit a Professional Listing through our website. Our team will review your application and notify you if you are approved.

What type of health and wellness professionals can become sellers on MINDBODY & SALAH?

At MINDBODY & SALAH, we welcome a diverse range of health and wellness professionals. Whether you are a personal trainer, nutritionist, counselor, massage therapist, health food chef, or belong to other related fields, you can join our platform. Our extensive categories cater to various aspects of well-being, including

  • Beauty & Self-Care
  • Business
  • Community Support
  • Exercise & Fitness
  • Fertility & Pregnancy
  • Health Food & Drinks
  • Home Décor
  • Islamic Studies & Practices
  • Mental Health
  • Style
  • Supplements & Nutrition
  • Traditional & Alternative Medicine
  • Wedding
  • Volunteering
  • Wellness Events
  • Wellness Tourism
  • Women’s Health

What services can I sell on MINDBODY & SALAH?

You can sell a variety of high-quality services related to health and wellness on MINDBODY & SALAH. This includes online consultations, in-person sessions, and digital products such as e-books, as long as they support the well-being of Muslim women while respecting their faith.

How do I list my services on MINDBODY & SALAH?

Once your professional listing is approved, you can create a MOPS (Muslim Women-friendly Professional Service) listing that is bookable through our platform. We provide tools to help you manage your MOPS listings and communicate with clients.

What fees does MINDBODY & SALAH charge for selling on the platform?

As an ethical and Islamic values-based marketplace, MINDBODY & SALAH charges a commission fee of 10% on all sales made by sellers. This fee covers the costs of maintaining the platform, providing customer support, and promoting the marketplace to potential buyers. We believe this fee is fair and competitive within the industry, and we are committed to transparently communicating all fees and charges to our sellers.

How do I receive payments for my services?

Payments are processed through our platform and deposited directly into your bank account. You will need to set up a payment account to receive payments.

How do I handle scheduling and cancellations of sessions with clients?

Our platform offers scheduling and cancellation management tools, allowing you to set your availability and enable clients to book sessions. In the event of cancellations, our policies will guide the process, including any non-refundable deposits set by the seller.

  • Setting a non-refundable deposit for booking services can potentially impact booking rates. Some customers may hesitate to commit to a non-refundable deposit due to uncertainties or unforeseen circumstances. To address customer concerns and increase booking rates, we recommend offering a refundable deposit option that provides flexibility and reduces perceived risk. Additionally, creating separate service listings for non-refundable deposits with special offers at lower prices can attract customers while still offering the option for a refundable deposit on the original services. Consider factors such as pricing and customer preferences when making decisions about deposit policies to optimize booking rates.

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