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Aging Gracefully: Why Maintaining Your Body After 40 is a Must (And How to Get Started)

Life is a beautiful journey, and as we hit the milestone of 40, it’s essential to remember that age is just a number. However, it’s also a number that comes with its own set of challenges when it comes to maintaining our bodies. Ignoring our physical well-being as we age can lead to a host […]

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8 Well-being Dimensions for Optimal Health and Self-Care for Muslim women

By integrating these dimensions of well-being with self-care practices, Muslim women can create a comprehensive and impactful approach to nurturing their overall health, preventing illness, and enhancing their quality of life. These dimensions are interconnected and mutually reinforcing, providing a holistic framework deeply rooted in Islamic principles. A study titled “Dimensions of Wellness: Change Your Habits, Change Your Life” (link to research article: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5508938/) further supports the significance of these dimensions in achieving optimal well-being.

MINDBODY & SALAH Blog Tips & Tricks

How to start selling on MINDBODY & SALAH

MINDBODY & SALH is the world’s first Muslimah-friendly professional services marketplace. Share your skills with our health-conscious Muslim women community—and make money while you’re at it!

Whether you’re a personal trainer, counselor, or massage therapist, MINDBODY & SALH is the place for you. Below, you can find great tips to start selling on MINDBODY & SALH.

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Exploring 7 Alternatives: Islamic Medicinal Food Options

Discover exciting alternatives to Islamic medicinal foods for those with allergies or limited access: agave nectar instead of honey, turmeric as a substitute for black seed, dried fruits as an alternative to dates, avocado oil in place of olive oil, vibrant berries as a replacement for figs and pomegranates, psyllium husk instead of senna, and pure spring water as an alternative to Zamzam water. Enjoy the benefits and flavors in your wellness journey!

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Tailored Wellness Solutions for Muslim Women

Discover the latest requests on MINDBODY & SALAH, tailored to the unique needs of health-conscious Muslim women. From female personal trainers and halal nutritionists to Dhuhr-Asr yoga classes and Arabic-speaking therapists, our community is seeking professionals who understand their Islamic values. Join us in empowering Muslim women on their wellness journeys and make a difference in their lives. Connect with these individuals and offer your expertise to create a thriving and inclusive wellness community.

MINDBODY & SALAH Blog Tips & Tricks

How to Find and Hire the Best Muslim Women-Friendly Professionals

At MindBodySalah.com, we understand the unique challenges that Muslim women face when seeking professional services in a non-Muslim country. We believe that your health and wellness journey should be personalized, comfortable, and in line with your values. That’s why we have created a platform that connects you with professionals who are not only knowledgeable in […]

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