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The effects of massage with frankincense and myrrh oil in chronic low back pain: A three-arm randomised controlled trial

Impact of aromatherapy massage using frankincense and myrrh essential oils A recent study (Clinical Trials Registration Number: NCT04494165) explored the impact of aromatherapy massage using frankincense and myrrh essential oils on chronic low back pain. In this three-arm randomized controlled trial, researchers aimed to investigate whether this type of massage could alleviate pain and reduce […]

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8 Well-being Dimensions for Optimal Health and Self-Care for Muslim women

By integrating these dimensions of well-being with self-care practices, Muslim women can create a comprehensive and impactful approach to nurturing their overall health, preventing illness, and enhancing their quality of life. These dimensions are interconnected and mutually reinforcing, providing a holistic framework deeply rooted in Islamic principles. A study titled “Dimensions of Wellness: Change Your Habits, Change Your Life” (link to research article: further supports the significance of these dimensions in achieving optimal well-being.

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New data demonstrates potential role of probiotic supplementation in adults with major depressive disorder

A recent study published in JAMA Psychiatry suggests that supplementing the diet with a probiotic blend containing 14 strains of bacteria may benefit individuals undergoing treatment for major depressive disorder alongside antidepressants. Led by researchers at King’s College London, the study demonstrated the potential of probiotics in improving depression and anxiety scores over an eight-week period. The findings highlight the importance of exploring probiotic supplementation as a novel approach to supporting mental health and mood regulation. While further research is needed, this study provides promising insights into the potential benefits of probiotics for individuals with depression who have not fully responded to standard treatments.

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Eat right, live longer: Could a moderate protein diet be the coveted elixir of youth?

Consuming nutritious food can improve metabolic health and delay aging. But what are the appropriate quantities of dietary macronutrients that can help achieve this? To answer this, researchers fed isocaloric diets with varying amounts of protein to young and middle-aged male mice. They found that the mice were metabolically healthier when fed moderate-protein diets. These findings could provide valuable insights into developing nutritional interventions and improving metabolic health in people.

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